Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dem Good 'Ol Boys

ive been way busy this summer time. i broke my camera like 5 times and its still not working, so i borrowed pops and here is what happens when you break out of NY and go north.
strubs with some cherrys!

C Rapp had a bunch of old shit at his house.

coffee grinder
talking head

beer bowling pins never heard of that
a rapp house

mitchell some how just invited himself on the trip when we found him in albany lurking

crew it

jose p

here comes the 4th in adirondack mts.
curtis and his dad WAR (wayne arthur rapp)

tiki bar 

rapp camp ground 

yeah we had tents
momma rapp very fadded

night ropping!
backyard firework show was proper.

everyone to the tiki bar for drinksssssssssssssssssss

joe breezy, bondo and strubs
street light on the platoon with the tiki bar!!
drug ruggggggg
mitchel fadedddddddd

curtis fam grinding to who let the dogs out or something
kid caught like 50 fishes when we were there. he was at it all day and night
late night grilling, k reed on the grill.

oh yeah todd was getting his elton john on
albany pool was fucking sweet

jeep finally got muddy

popwar reunited 
i love blades..psh powerfaded the night before

this is bbrown about to die. thanks to the c rapp and the rapp family for everything. if you want more pictures look on slap soon for footage or just ask joe brook, jose or strubs for photos, and bondo. 

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