Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Chris B!
2nd Nature familyish
people came! wow!
and more!
amanda and liz

piss drunk at 9:30

Fig got into the bar too!
lowcard it
home slices. pensyl dick, josie, d fag-falla
peter is dancing or something. he does that a lot
kind of a packed.
the man behind the video..armand "bondo" brunelle
smitz, me, watermelon
dj spermman
thanks for the great tunes fucko
gary killing it as usual
i think falla turned gay or we both did
jerry came out

PA and Ohio right here...jeah
two youthful ladies that were repping that night. lowcard girls.
nancy came out too
casey rigs showing 2nd nature love
rise the roof, and hard ass nigga
the hispanics
jose pereyra took home the golden board award for this evenings showing
i think we are getting faded or we might be there already.
marisa, jersey daves girlfriend, where is he, i dont know. i cant remember if he took this or not. but supposely i bit this girls poor head on the way of the bar. sorry, oops cant remember so it never happened.
chloe you fucking hoe came out too!
phil and raffie came too. they both are twins so this counts at a double picture because they both look like this!
joey g sauce came out too with josie p!
than we had one at the shop that saturday where we all got shitty too!

dre rolled through
white plains heads
vince and doug e fresh
get ready for the rip off coming your way!