Friday, January 11, 2008

Miami Daze Tres

on the way to breakfast we say wild parrots flying next to us. that was sick.

breakfast started at this place called cereal bowl. you could make any cereal with fruit and other breakfast foods. i had apple jack, frosted flakes, and fruity pebbles with bananas and strawberries. mmmmmmm good. peep it when your in town.

kyle enjoyed his oatmeal bowl

went to richard's homie, humar's house.

this is good portrait of that man JD.

humar goes to school in boston. i found his ID laying around.

than we went to go warm up at this skatepark...rained out.

this is seriously the best handrail for kids to practice on these days.

hey look its cousin jersey it

went to the beach to skate a school yard.

the school yard sesh gave kyle a long island blow out

on the way to another spot we got rained out again. i think we got sandwiches.

there was 2 dudes watching this seriously. they saw me and moved.

back to the miami rain. you should check out ULTIMATE BLOGGER JERSEY DAVE'S blog.


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