Thursday, November 22, 2007

Biggest Party Night of the Year...pshhhhhhhhh

so it was Smitty's birthday going into thanksgiving so we went to a bar that was packed

i think it says dumb cunt or something

this might have been when some dude that i used to skate with 5 years ago go into some barfight and i proceeded to snap photos and the bouncers come over to me and grab my camera and scream at me because im taking pictures. they acted like it was illegal to take pictures of people in a bar. maybe it is, but those guys need to chill. and the one bouncer chick is definitly a dike, so if your reading this fuck you. she didn't know how to work a digi cam so i had to show her how to delete my photos that were pretty bad considering it happened in 5 seconds and there was a shit load of people around. oh yeah the dude got dragged out of the bar on the floor by his hands screaming and yelling. i never saw that before. pretty epic. besides drinking with a few buddies and screaming and yelling it was a cool night.

later. happy thanksgiving and happy birthday smitty. til the next beer...