Friday, August 10, 2007

"Viajeros Locos" premiere

everyones siked right?

these two are everywhere now

westchester in the house

limjob and nate

yeah these two

mr. z

as i walk in darren is carrying some dude out of the bar

this dude is back from his european adventures and killing it with the wet dog facial look

armand and riot homies

when asked to give a darren pose, this is what he does.

these dudes are siked

yeah but hes so killing it right now. especially with his hand in his crotch

jose "what up tho" pereyra

eh look another one!

us schmucks

d block and nardog

big germ on the scene

b and liz

me, george washington and liz

what up spermanotor



camera malfunction on alex and isak

and again, but what is going on here?

this dude was rad

mid fongolio explanation

sweet waste is laterd

toya, jose and smitty


rodney and jose again


rodney and strubing

z and d

rob g and rod-ney

16 year old bradley at the bar drinking. you could know him from various tf appearences and autumn t-shirts, etc

bradley is siked and sweet waste has no clue

congrats joey and...

his fiance

last call!